Janathon Apologies!

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Oh dear I’m not being a very good blogger this week!! Have forgotten all week between one thing and another!!  But I have still been Janthoning, I’ve cycled everyday and I’ve done my Physio every day too, so I have been a good Janathoner just not a good blogger or logger LOL!  Oh well I joined Janathon to get my Christmas pounds off and chat to nice people and have fun so not too worried about the the mileage I have done!

Was meant to have be on my spinal rehab course today, I arrived only to be told, ‘oh but they aren’t in on a Friday,’ but I have this letter which says Friday 14th Jan, 9.00-12.30??!!!  I can’t even complain until Monday as I was told, oh well they will be back Monday GAAAAAAA!!  So I was left stranded in an NHS waiting room for 3 hours with only my I phone for company, I didn’t fancy the ancient copies of Woman’s Own double GAAAAA!


Excusey, Excuses Post! Oh no she didn’t!

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Oh dear yesterday was an excuse day I’m afraid, had to rest my back up as it had got a bit aggravated by my enthusiastic exercise on Fri.  So yesterday just did my physio, and had a nice day going to see the Jack and the Beanstalk panto on at the Floral Pavillion.  Was brill haven’t been to a proper panto in years, it was a local company and the costumes were great.  We had a great time shouting, ‘he’s behind you’, booing, hissing, ‘oh no he didn’ts, oh yes he dids’ ha ha!!

Today did a bit of grey cycling to and from school and the shops, no back moans so far so good!  🙂

Achy Breaky Legs


My enthusiastic launch into the world of jogging yesterday looks like it’s going to be short lived!!!  I woke up today with an 88year olds hips, my legs felt like someone had stretched them on a wrack, I was IN PAIN! I thought oh well it’s just a new exercise I’ll get used to it!  But it wasn’t the sore, sore leg pain that is going to get in the way, I bent over and the dodgy right side of my back twinged, hmmm I thought not felt that for a while…..then it twanged and twinged a bit more.

My Mum popped over and observed my geriatric hobbling and asked what I had been up to, I proudly told her about my jogging feat and she frowned and said, “hmmm isn’t that meant to be bad for bad backs”?  Then later on my best mate who is a nurse came round and noticed the hobbling and asked the same question, to which I got the same frown and shaking head look and the same answer. Pooh!!  So looks like I will be sticking to fast walking and cycling from now on.  I have to go on a spinal rehab course later this week and there won’t be any rehab if it goes again!! Double Pooh!

I did intend to take myself and my son on a nice cycle today, but due to my geriatric state the only bit of Janathon I have done is my new physio exercises, oh well better than nothing, and a nice bottle of pink wine has sooothed the leg pain.  Maybe I’ll be sorted in time for Junathon to have a go again…….haaarumph.

The Lollypop Man…..he never lies


The lollypop man told me it would snow today, yesterday I thought oh yes blah blah more snow…..hmmmm. But this morning the sky was heavy and the snow came down.  My first thought was urrgh we are going to have to get the bus, but no this morning my son told me no we must take the bike, (only because he hates walking to the bus stop, or anywhere for that matter that is further than the end of the road….and the bus stop is at least a WHOLE 50 yards further). So the bike comes out I put the lights on and off we go, the snows just started and its quite light and nice, we get to school all fine.  I take the long coastal way to the lovely supermarket.  Come back out and it’s a blizzard!  So straight home of cup of tea and a berrocca then work.

The snow carries on tipping down, but by lunch time it’s melted and a Hammer House of Horror type misty fog thing has descended instead. It’s school pick up time again, I’m thinking if I walk will I start to hear wolves and things but no this is silly…..only if I leave the road will this be dangerous.  So I then decide to jog to school, this is the first time I have ever jogged properly, it’s about 1.5 miles to school so I think I can have a go. About 0.25 miles later my legs feel heavy but my breathing ok, so I go on and on and on and on an on and then I get to school!!  Hurrah I’ve done it my first proper jog I think???  Bobble hat wobbling and all!…..Woblahhhh!!!

….legs elastic bands….wibble wobble….but yes I liked this jogging lark am going to do again..TBC.

Rolly Ball Exercises!

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Yesterday I went to my physio and I now have some new exercises, as well as elastic band thingy lunges I now have to spend time rolling a ball on the wall with my arms stretched up and holding a pound weight and stretching my arm out!  So 20 minutes today was spent stretching bands, making a dirty mark on the wall with small boy football, (makes a change from handprints/finger paint or tomato sauce I suppose), and raising my soft hot water bottle stuffed with extra weight up and down.  The elastic band thingy has worked really well so far so am going to keep the others up and have a lovely well shoulder.

Feeling very chuffed with myself for doing all my exercises I went into the kitchen to discover the kitten had flipped the top off the butter and taken a big slurp out of the new Lurpak, YUCKKKKKK!  But not only that he had been chewing up my dish sponges and there were little bits of dish sponge confetti all over the kitchen grrrrrrrr.

New Resolution to add to the list:  Try not to lose the plot over psychopathic kitten deeds.

More grey cycling to and from school today, when I picked the wee boy up though I jogged with my bike on the way there, does this count as jogging??  Not sure but I was really pooped and got back on the bike towards the end, still I had a go even though I looked like a plonker with my big woolly hat nodding away and my sweaty beetroot face.  Then cycled back home and ate lots of  Janathon jelly beans to stoke up my energy levels mmmmmmmm…jelly beans..!

Oops nearly forgot to post!

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Been to my Mums and had large dinner tonight and nearly forgot my blog ho ho!!  Only a very short Janathon cycle today!!! Just to school and back so probably only about 3 miles or so, had to get back home this morning to do boring admin stuff before work.  Although I’m wondering if lots of charging round house to stop Psychopathic  kitten destroying sofa/rug/kitchen/spare bedroom/pirate ship and lots of other objects counts?? I got up about 20 billion times today to say, ‘TUFTY NOOOOOOOOO’!!!!!  He’s a furry git but very lovable, now playing with the round dice that came out of a cracker…….I end the day knackered from cycle/work/boy/cat… am prob going to log this later as will take more brain work than the old upstairs is capable of!

Night Night!

Grey Morning Cycle…

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Well yesterday I said I was going to attempt to do a Janathon jog to school with a small boy riding on bike in front hmmm…….! I stupidly didn’t bank on the, ‘I don’t want to go back to school after Christmas syndrome,’ Grrrr.  It took me ages to get him out of bed with protests of, ‘I need more sleep mummy….I’m too sick my tummy is sore mummy……Mr Tufty will get lonely……etc etc etc!  So when I eventually got him ready it was far tooooo late to do the cycle and jog, I whipped out my bike with bike seat out the shed and placed the moaning wee one it and charged off into the grey morning!  He’d forgotten how much he enjoyed the bike and we sang Jingle Bells very loudly all the way too school, (between me gasping as we were v late and my chest still bad), and I arrived nice and sweaty in my large bobble hat just about on time.  I was proud we had faced the brrrr morning and did not weaken and get the bus, mind you can’t stand the buses they cost about 50 billion pounds just to go a few miles grrrr. So then with school safely dealt with I cycled the long coastal way round to Morrisons to buy Mr Tufty food and various other bits safely stowed in the child seat, (they make remarkably good shopping baskets).  I then bombed back home to start work and have a nice large cuppa!  It was not a magnificent Janathon attempt but it was about 6 miles that fitted very well into my working and school day !

I also managed to do 20 lunges with the yellow elastic band thingy today for my physio, more than I’ve done ever…….Yay!

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