Oh dear I’m not being a very good blogger this week!! Have forgotten all week between one thing and another!!  But I have still been Janthoning, I’ve cycled everyday and I’ve done my Physio every day too, so I have been a good Janathoner just not a good blogger or logger LOL!  Oh well I joined Janathon to get my Christmas pounds off and chat to nice people and have fun so not too worried about the the mileage I have done!

Was meant to have be on my spinal rehab course today, I arrived only to be told, ‘oh but they aren’t in on a Friday,’ but I have this letter which says Friday 14th Jan, 9.00-12.30??!!!  I can’t even complain until Monday as I was told, oh well they will be back Monday GAAAAAAA!!  So I was left stranded in an NHS waiting room for 3 hours with only my I phone for company, I didn’t fancy the ancient copies of Woman’s Own double GAAAAA!